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Application Procedures

Application deadline:  April 1

Apply online through the Graduate School.  New students matriculate in January of each year.  To insure that your application is properly routed, specify the Spring semester of the next calendar year as “Term and year of intended initial or continued enrollment".  For "Select Degree Program" specify from the Medicine Graduate group - Nurse Anesthesia ( M.N.A.).

Interview and Acceptance
Select candidates are scheduled for a personal interview with the Admissions Committee. Letters of acceptance will be sent to select interviewees and a $1000.00 non-refundable deposit (certified funds) must accompany a notice of intent.  The deposit will be applied toward first-year fees when the student matriculates.

  • Candidate Alternate List: Select interviewees, not initially offered a position, will be informed that they are on an alternate list and may be offered a position in the Program if and when a position becomes available prior to Program matriculation (positions can be offered up to 2 months prior to matriculation in some cases).
  • Declined Admissions: If your application is declined, you may request that your application be reconsidered for admission to that program or considered for admission to another graduate program without resubmitting your credentials (a $15 fee is required with a completed form; Request for Change of Status:  Applicants who reapply for admission to the Program compete with the cohort of the subsequent application cycle.  A revised current resume or curriculum vitae and two (2) current professional letters of reference  should be faxed, e-mailed, or mailed directly to the Anesthesia Program Office.

Timeline of Events (Approximate)
April 1:  Application Deadline
June:  Interviews for select applicants
July:  Notification of Acceptance or Decline (Applicants and Interviewees)
August-October:  Position Offers to Alternates (as available)